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In the sports nutrition category it has become common practice to include any nitrogen containing cofactors or added amino acids in the protein content of a protein powder, and understandably so.

These ingredients are often the components of protein, provide a similar nitrogen score, and test out as protein on a standard lab test to determine protein content.


But some companies are being accused of using this to their advantage. A number of class action lawsuits have been filed in the US claiming that excessive amounts of these nitrogen containing ingredients are being used to give the false impression of a higher protein content (referred to as protein spiking or amino spiking). There are also claims of understated potencies as well as added ingredients that do not appear on the label at all.

Consumers are asking for a distinction to be made between the whole proteins in a powder and the nitrogen score that these added cofactors contribute to … and frankly, we agree.

It’s not that these co-factors don’t make a contribution to the product, they most certainly do. But they aren’t whole proteins and they shouldn’t be listed that way.

Going forward, the labels on our protein supplements are going to make this distinction.

For example, each serving of Big Time contains 10 grams of added amino acids and workout supplements that offer a huge list of benefits including:

  • Helping to build and repair body tissue
  • Supporting muscle protein synthesis and the building of lean muscle mass
  • Assisting in muscle cell repair after exercise
  • Improving strength, power and performance in high intensity training

The list goes on and on ….. but it still doesn’t make these nutrients whole proteins, so our new Big Time label is going to make that distinction.

It will include the Nitrogen Score (70g), which is what a lab test would indicate as the protein content, but it will also show the whole proteins (60g) which deducts the 10 grams of aminos and co-factors from that total.

Those aminos and co-factors are in there for a reason. They make Big Time a better product. But we have no issue with giving consumers what they want; a clear and transparent insight into exactly what our products contain.

For more information protein spiking or to inquire about our products, please contact us.

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