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Fuel your Passion!™
Real science for better results, faster.

Welcome to the new Precision; reformulated and redesigned with a new science-sharpened edge; ready and able to propel you beyond your competition. Our products are comprehensive and finely detailed; formulated by professionals who understand the real science behind performance enhancement.

The Protein Series has been designed to offer the highest quality, purity and usability possible. They provide exactly what your body needs, when it needs it for the growth and repair you want. Not only are they among the highest quality proteins on the market, they also pack an unprecedented rich and creamy taste that will leave you craving your next shake.

The Performance Series gives you the edge to push harder and rebuild faster. While the need to spill some sweat on the gym floor is obvious, how you feed the machine is just as important. So go ahead, push yourself to the limit. With the Precision Performance Series, you’ll come back bigger, stronger and hungry for more.

The Testosterone Series will push you to the anabolic extreme of your genetic makeup. These formulas feature scientifically proven ingredients that improve protein synthesis, muscle repair and fat loss.

The Fat Loss Series is exactly what you need to get cut. Nothing tops hard work and dedication but in combination, these formulas will help raise core temperature, boost metabolism, control appetite, and increase energy and focus; all to accelerate fat loss so you can achieve your goal body and athletic performance in less time.

aboutusWhoever your competition and whatever your performance requires, Precision is your brand because it’s based on real science. Our supplements embrace the latest scientific advancements and utilize the highest quality raw materials.

Most importantly, they deliver the results you need to Fuel your Passion!™ No false promises, no outrageous claims and no exaggerations. Guaranteed.

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About Us

Real science for better results, faster.

Reformulated and redesigned with a new science-sharpened edge; ready and able to propel you beyond your competition.

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