General Questions

Are your products free of allergens such as soy, gluten, dairy, yeast, nuts, etc.?

We choose our ingredients very carefully and attempt to minimize the use of any potentially allergenic substance whenever possible. However, although our manufacturing facility is nut free, we do produce other products that contain dairy, soy and corn.

Do you sell your products directly to consumers?

No. Our products are sold through traditional health food retailers across Canada and the United States. Please use our store locator to find the one nearest to you.

Why are many products not recommended for pregnant or lactating women?

This is a precautionary measure. There currently is not enough clinical research to support the use of products that contain herbal extracts for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Can Progressive products be taken with prescription medications?

We highly recommend that you consult with your health care practitioner for appropriate guidance on herb/nutrient-drug interactions.

From where do you import your ingredients?

Most of our raw materials are either purchased here in Canada or are imported from the United States. However, raw materials are often purchased through brokers which can make it more difficult to determine the original source. As a precautionary measure, all of our ingredients, purchased from any country, are laboratory tested to ensure both purity and potency and to confirm that they meet or exceed Canadian health and regulatory guidelines.

Are your products manufactured in Canada?

Yes. All of our products are manufactured in our own production facility located in Toronto, Canada.

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