100% VEGAN

Ingredient quality directly co-relates to the quality of your gains. We’ve taken a stance and said a firm no to the bad stuff. No duck feathers, no human hair, and no junk. Our BCAAs are derived strictly from beets & corn to ensure you intake only the best ingredients.


Leucine, isoleucine, and valine – 3 key BCAAs that’ll get you through every step of your athletic journey. Increase protein synthesis, build muscle mass, and metabolize fats faster than ever. Finally, a supp that can keep up with your level of ambition.

Ratio 2:1:1

The ratio game is a tricky one. 2 g leucine to 1 g isoleucine and 1 g valine is a quality ratio, specifically designed for high performance. It’s been shown to reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and speed up recovery.  A sure-fire way to maximize output.



Think of your body as a perfectly chiseled masterpiece. To keep it intact, you need to feed yourself only the best stuff. BCAA 7000’s got a potent range of leucine, isoleucine, and valine to develop and maintain muscle health. An insurance policy of sorts to guarantee your size and performance.

Weak? You don’t know what that means. You’re strong - the real kind of strong where you don’t let anything come in the way of success. That’s why you need BCAA-7000 – an excellent way to help your cells build new proteins so you can create even more muscle growth.

When you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone. You train with every ounce of effort you’ve got to build muscle, burn fat, and get jacked. In the end, your body is worn out. Accelerate muscle recovery, revive your power, and get back up quicker than anyone else with BCAA-7000.

One word that defines you as an athlete? Elite. Your level of calibre can only be matched with a 100% micronized formula. Fully micronized so that your body easily absorbs ingredients and reaps the benefits just in time to get down and compete.