About Us

The Early Days

The Precision brand was founded in 1998 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The vision behind the brand was to cater to the niche market of high-performance athletes. Athletes who entered every competition with the intention of winning. Athletes who trained to win, ate to win, and lived to win. And of course, athletes who had a passion so strong, they pushed themselves to their limits to be a champion, an icon, and a hero.
From this vision grew a line of supplements designed exclusively for the intensely ambitious athlete – humble beginnings that over the years developed Precision in to the legendary brand it is today.

Where We Are Today

20 years later, our devotion to catering exclusively to the needs of elite athletes is just as strong. But our horizon has also expanded. In an industry where shortcuts and cheating are becoming more prevalent, we honed in our commitment to doing the right thing. Going the extra mile to do so is what sets us and you apart.

Our 3 key fundamentals:

  • No Fillers: Everything you see on our label is everything you get. We don’t believe in hiding behind guises like proprietary blends. Why? Because we don’t have anything to hide. No fillers – only real ingredients for real power.


  • Transparency: We are 100% committed to full disclosure. Our dedication to creating high-calibre products is at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we never hesitate to openly share the ingredients we use


  • No Amino Spiking: We stick to what we’re good at which is making high-grade formulas free of cheap amino-acid fillers. As we said before, we’re a brand built by high-performance bodybuilders for athletes of the same mindset. We wouldn’t include anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

An Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility has a number of quality certifications in place to ensure our supplements consistently live up to the Precision brand name.

  • Health Canada Site-Licenced Facility / GMP Compliant
    All Precision products are manufactured, packaged, and labeled in our Toronto-based, site-licenced facility in strict compliance with Goods Manufacturing Practices (as outlined in the Natural Health Products Regulations).
  • LGC

For the Future

The future is full of possibilities for us. But amidst all the innovation, we are committed to staying true to our original mission – to create high-calibre supplements with impactful ingredients for champions.

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