Amateurs? They’re only concerned with working out. Real athletes like yourself do that and more. There’s a whole world of recovery that follows intense training. It all begins with repairing your muscles as fast as you can – with GLUTAMINE.


You’re working as hard as you ever have. It shows in your gains and it shows in your attitude. GLUTAMINE is what’s gonna make sure it stays that way. Repair your muscles cells after training quickly and effectively. Always be ready to give it your all.


Let’s face it, your workouts are really, really hard … and that intensity can stress your immune system out. That’s what exhaustive exercise does. To recover both mentally and physically, go with your gut, go with GLUTAMINE.



When you lift, you add extra plates without a second thought. When you run, you cover extra miles without breaking a sweat. So, when you fuel, you need a lot more than the next guy. 80 servings of GLUTAMINE gives you the force you need to crush it… and then crush it again.

You want real power without wreaking havoc on your digestive system. We’ve carefully fermented GLUTAMINE so that it’s easy on your gut and quickly absorbed. Get used to high nutritional density that leaves your body feeling real good.

Your training sessions are far from easy. That’s why the more plasma glutamine in your system, the better. Replenish depleted stores so that you never have to compromise performance. Think of it as your insurance policy against giving out.

For VIP athletes like yourself, every second counts. With a FULLY micronized powder, you can experience lightning speed digestion and maximum absorption. Leave the competition in the dust and get used to speed in its prime form.

Product Specifications

Mix one scoop (5 g) of Precision™ GLUTAMINE with 100-200 ml of water or fruit juice. Consume once daily, between meals or immediately following exercise.CAUTIONS: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are following a low protein diet, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding.
How is GLUTAMINE different from other glutamine products on the market?

When it comes to glutamine, fermentation is key. Every scoop of GLUTAMINE packs a hard punch (in terms of nutrition and potency) because it’s been carefully fermented. This means your gut health is kept in check and your immune system is fully protected.

So, go ahead. Hit the gym with confidence. When it’s all over, you have the best of the best to repair your muscles and keep your immune system functioning properly.

What do you do to ensure an ethical and high-quality product?

We know that you’re a committed athlete who doesn’t cut corners –  you want your gains to come from hard work and hard work alone. Integrity is just as important to us. That’s why all of our supplements are manufactured in a Health Canada site-licensed facility that is 100% free of banned substances. We also rigorously test each of our products to ensure supreme quality – always safe, always powerful.

Is GLUTAMINE safe to stack with other products in the Performance Series ?

Absolutely. Stack GLUTAMINE with AMINO-PLX to increase performance even further.

Is there an age restriction I should be aware of?

GLUTAMINE is safe for adults above the age of 18.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose, don’t sweat it! Continue as outlined on the product label.