Title: National Level Bodybuilder | Team Precision
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Height: 6’3
Weight: 280 lbs
Competition Class: Super Heavy Weight

1.      How did you get started on your fitness journey?

I’ve had a passion for bodybuilding since I was 14 years old but didn’t truly start my fitness journey until I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 20. IBS can be very difficult to deal with. I found that the only time I would feel OK was when I followed a strict diet plan. Clean eating led me to the competition world where I quickly found out that I really enjoy eating and training with a goal in mind.

2.      What are your 3 favourite exercises?

My 3 favorite exercises would be the hack squat, T-bar row, and decline bench press.

  • Hack squats are great for isolating the quads. In my books, they’re a must for bodybuilders
  • Bent-over T-bar rows are great for developing back thickness
  • The decline bench press is one of the best exercises for chest development and increasing pectoral strength

3.      What songs help you push out your best workouts?

I usually listen to rap…and when I do, I always have a great workout! My favourite songs are:

  • Hustle – Kendrick Lamar
  • Jig is up – Kendrick Lamar

4.      If you could be any superhero, which one would you be?

Thor because I am told we look alike…just with a few added pounds on my end!

5.      What quote do you turn to when you’re in search of motivation?

When people said ‘we never want to look like you’, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied, ‘don’t worry, you never will’.

I love this because there is no better feeling than standing out from the crowd, being different, and following your passion. I didn’t start bodybuilding to seek approval from others. This quote reminds me to stick to what I love doing!

6.      What do you like to do when you’re not at the gym?

When I’m not training I like to spend time with my family & friends. However, my free time is very limited given I spend a lot of time training, working as a store owner, and coaching online.

7.      What advice would you give to someone starting out on their fitness journey?

Be patient, dedicated, and consistent with your eating, training, and supplementation. Don’t expect motivation to be there every day. The ones that succeed are the ones that are dedicated and consistent even when motivation is lacking.

8.      List any awards / competitions that you have won.

  • 2016 – OPA Sudbury Classic Overall Super Heavy Bodybuilding, 1st Place Winner and Best Physique Award
  • 2016 – OPA Toronto Pro Show Provincials Super Heavy Bodybuilding, 3rd Place Winner
  • 2013 – WBFF Worlds Las Vegas – Pro Card Earned as a Muscle Model
  • 2018 –  Arnold Sports Festival – Second place winner, Bodybuilding – Super Heavyweight division.

9.      What’s your go-to Precision supplement stack?

AMINO-PLX (15 g), CARNITINE ICE (2 g), GLUTAMINE (10 g), and CREATINE (5 g)

10.      What are your fitness goals for the future?

My fitness goal for the future is to become an IFBB pro bodybuilder.

FACEBOOK – eiren.gauley

INSTAGRAM – @eirengauley