What you do during your workout is important. So is what you do after. Here are some of the best post workout routines.

To maximize what you’re getting from your workouts, what you do after can be as important as the workout itself. A sudden stop in physical activity can also shock your system and lower your blood pressure. A cool down period prevents blood from pooling in your veins and flushes metabolic waste products. Always allow your body to cool down appropriately before hitting the showers. Here are some tips from some of our best post workout routines:


At least a 10-minute stretching routine should follow your workout. Focus on the muscles you worked on for that day and you will help prevent injury, and see bigger gains.

Stretching is especially important for those who aren’t particularly flexible – yogis and ballerinas could probably cut back on this step, but when runners or bodybuilders stretch properly, it helps the nervous system relax and recover.


Ideally, you should be sipping water or an intraworkout drink while you train. However, sometimes you can’t get enough and you need to re-hydrate after the workout, especially if you’ve worked up a good sweat. You need it to cool down, recover, rebuild and maximize post-workout fat burning.

Pro tip on hydration – use the pee test! If your urine is clear or light yellow after your workout, you’re doing great.


Consuming protein and carbohydrates after a workout is essential to recovery. Your tired and damaged muscles are craving carbs for energy and protein to rebuild so you can come back stronger next time. You don’t need to pound it back the second you hit the locker room, but you do need to get in you within 60 minutes for optimal results.

Pro tip on protein – As a post workout recovery shake, try a fast digesting whey like I-PLX along with a piece of fruit or a cup of juice. For even bigger gains, try Big Time. It provides high quality protein, along with low sugar carbs to restore your energy reserves. Plus, it has all kinds of muscle building co-factors.

For extra points, you can take a slow digesting protein, like Casein, right before bed to keep yourself anabolic through the night.

Other tips to consider integrating into your post workout routine:

  • Wear compression clothing during your workout – they can help reduce toxins in your muscle and improve circulation.
  • Massage – whether you perform a self-massage of your muscles (using a foam roller or a tennis ball) or treat yourself to a professional massage therapist, a massage can break up knots in your soft tissue, as well as increase blood flow and circulation.